Each month Pastor Riley writes a letter to encourage you, challenge you, and strengthen your faith.

Current Partner Letter

Dear Partners,
I pray that all is well with you and your family. In this month's letter, I want to encourage you to continue to stand on the promises of God, because you can trust in the integrity of His word.

Has anyone ever told you, the integrity of God's word is the basis of our faith? The reason for unbelief and a faltering faith is a lack of assurance in the integrity of God's promises. Rom. 10:8; Calls It "The Word Of Faith," because it 
gives birth to faith. Heb. 11:13 reminds us; ''By faith we understand that the worlds have been framed by the word of God, so that what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear.''

In other words, this present world came into being from the womb of our Creator. All God did to create was to say, "Let there be" and things that are appeared. Beloved, God and His word are one. He even named Jesus "The Word". The surety of His promises to us is based on God's promise to Abraham. In Gen. 22:16-17a; By myself have I sworn that in blessing I will bless thee...

When God gives us a promise, the only thing we are required to do is act in faith. You may not understand what acting in faith looks like! Well, let me tell when we act in faith we:
*Say what God's word says no matter what our circumstances look like.
*We lay hold of it by rejoicing and giving Him praise.
*We are fully persuaded that God is faithful.
*We rest in Christ Jesus' finished work.
*Know that God cannot lie.

Beloved, here are some facts about the word. The word is always now. It has been, it is, and it will be, the voice of God. To the heart that is in fellowship with the Father, the word is a living voice from the heart  of God. Eternal, unchanging, living. The logos of God is active, more cutting than any sword with two edges, penetrating and dividing the soul and spirit, joints and marrow, scrutinizing the very thoughts and conceptions of the heart.

The biggest hinderance to our faith in God, is reason. Reason will take the word's place if we allow it to. Acting in faith doesn't appeal to our senses. The senses call acting in faith "fanaticism". Your senses will war against your recreated spirit and hold it hostage. Not allowing you to act in faith. The only way to break free from it's grip, is to renew your mind. Reason will rob God's word of its authority. Beloved, God's word on our lips should be just as authoritative today as it was when He spoke it. 

The Father's word in Jesus' mouth allowed him to hush the sea, quiet the wind, raise the dead, feed multitudes. His living word on your lips will do the same today. When you know that the word is God speaking, you will speak with authority. When you know that God's integrity is behind His word you will act in faith, speak in faith, and live in faith. Math. 4:4 reminds us; "Man should not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Beloved, the word in your lips can be as powerful as the words in Jesus' lips when you can confidently echo the words of John 12:49; "for I speak not from myself; but the father that sent me, he hath given me a commandment what I should say and what I should speak."  It is time for your faith to rise to another level. God has given us His word to bring healing and deliverance to the masses. 

My wife, Marcia, and I are praying for your success.

Bless you,

Pastor Howard